GOM Optical Measuring Techniques

GOM's measuring systems are based on digital image processing and are used in diverse applications including product development and quality assurance, material and component testing. GOM's metrology solutions provide invaluable tools for quality control in modern product development and production process chains.


ARAMIS - Análisis Óptico en 3D de Deformación

ARAMISARAMIS is the unique solution delivering complete 3D surface, displacement and strain results where a large number of traditional measuring devices are normally required (strain gauges, LVDTs, extensometers, ...).


ARAMIS - Software

ARAMISThe ARAMIS software controls the complete measurement process from sensor setup, to automatic computation of result data and powerful post-processing of the full-field strain and displacement data.  


ARGUS - Optical Forming Analysis

ARAMISThe optimization of sheet metal forming processes, considering the right material choice and tool optimization, is a decisive factor for competitiveness, particularly in the automotive industry. The optical 3D forming analysis system ARGUS supports such optimization processes.


ARGUS - Software

ARAMISThe ARGUS software supports the entire measuring, evaluation and documentation process of the optical forming analysis with simple workflows from setting-up new measuring tasks to evaluating the measurement results. 


ATOS - Digitalizador 3D

ARAMISThe ATOS 3D Digitizer delivers three-dimensional measurement data for industrial components. Instead of measuring single points, full part geometry is captured in a dense point cloud or polygon mesh describing the object's surface and primitives precisely.


ATOS - Inspection Cell

ARAMISGOM offers an ideal automation concept for industrial quality control requirements. Our solutions comprise reliable and industrial hardware, process-safe software and precise, trouble-free integration into individual industrial environments.


ATOS - Professional Software

ARAMISATOS Professional offers numerous additional functions for controlling GOM hardware and for generating accurate 3D surface data. This guarantees high process security at all times. The intuitive operating concept makes it possible to implement all measurement tasks easily and flexibly. 


ATOS - Core

ARAMISATOS Core utilizes groundbreaking new technology, and the sensor forms the core for diverse range of measuring tasks such as 3D scanning, quality control and fully automated measurement and inspection. 


ATOS - Triple Scan 12M

ARAMISGOM's high-end ATOS Triple Scan uses innovative and ground breaking measuring and projection technology. It encompasses all of the functions and benefits of GOM's proven stereo camera setup plus GOM's latest technological advancements.  


ATOS - ScanBox

ARAMISATOS ScanBox is a plug-and-play measuring cell for fully automated 3D digitizing and inspection. The ATOS ScanBox combines optimized industrial components, mobility and highest safety in an off-the-shelf 3D measuring machine. More... 


ATOS - Plus


ATOS Plus is an add-on for all ATOS Triple Scan and ATOS Core sensors and enables fully integrated photogrammetry and reference point collection.



ATOS - Compact Scan

ARAMISThe ATOS Compact Scan defines a new class of scanner for 3D measurement and inspection. The lightweight, compact construction opens new application areas and ensures ultimate adaptability for 3-dimensional measuring of components. 


GOM - Touch Probe

ARAMISThe GOM Touch Probes allow the combination of full-field and point based 3D measurement. The touch probes are ideal for measurement in difficult to access areas. They allow quick measurement of individual points and primitves as well as comparision of individual points directly to CAD.


GOM - Inspect Software

ARAMISGOM Inspect is a free 3D inspection and mesh processing software solution for shape and dimension analysis of 3D point clouds. At the same time, the software acts as a viewer for CAD and GOM software datasets as well as data from fringe projection or laser scanners, CTs, CMMs and other sources. 


GOM - Inspect Professional Software

ARAMISGOM Inspect Professional has an extended function array that builds on the free GOM Inspect software for inspections and analysis of measurement data. From the measurement result right back to the creation of an element, GOM Inspect Professional offers wide-ranging and comprehensive traceability with parametric inspection. This contributes greatly to process security throughout the entire system. 


PONTOS - Análisis Dinámico 3D

ARAMISPONTOS replaces conventional displacement measuring systems and accelerometers. Independent of the structures to be measured, displacements and deformations are captured rapidly in a non-contact manner.


PONTOS - Viewer

ARAMISThe free PONTOS Deformation Viewer allows for easily interchanging 3D measuring results and reports. Instead of working with printed tables and 2D reports, the PONTOS Viewer supports the interaction between colleagues and customers with 3D visualizations of coordinates, displacements, accelerations and velocities.


PONTOS - Software

ARAMISThe integrated PONTOS software guides the operator through the complete measurement and evaluation process supporting the demanding tasks in material and component testing. 


TRITOP - Optical 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine

ARAMISThe portable TRITOP system measures coordinates of 3D objects quickly and precisely. Measuring tasks that traditionally were performed by tactile 3D coordinate measuring machines can now easily be carried out with the TRITOP system.


TRITOP Deformation - Static Deformation Analysis

ARAMISTRITOP Deformation is an optical, mobile, measurement system, which accurately defines the 3D coordinates of object points at quasi-static conditions. Based on this information TRITOP Deformation is capable of calculating 3D displacements and deformations of objects and components.


TRITOP - Professional Software

ARAMISDeformation analysis has been fully integrated in the new software concept and is now available as a standard package. GOM has standardized the function base for deformation analysis with the TRITOP measurement system and full parametric inspection.